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The Three Regions Cruise

Burgundy, France

Reviews for the The Three Regions Cruise

A wonderful week with Le Boat and le family! Highly recommended.
We had a great adventure and met wonderful people on the way. There were very heavy rains and there first morning the boater in front of us woke us to say the river was over the dock so we started engines, cast off and were underway sooner than planned. After that we stayed at floating docks and no problem with high water levels. The boaters we shared docks with after that were English and Canadian which we found a little unusual in France. Despite the fact that we experienced strong winds that hit the coast and the UK as well we never felt that we were in any danger on the rivers and we have boated for 10 years on the Great Lakes in North America and are familiar with strong winds. The boat handled very well and the locks were enjoyable and not a thing to be feared.
Auxonne, Seurre and Chalon sur Saone, were beautiful, quaint villages and cities, great for walking around and exploring.
Sunset at Gigny, beautiful rivers and countryside, long evenings with friends, cycling in the countryside, exploring villages.
Niepce museum in Chalon Sur Saone Day visit to Beurne-wine cellar tour, pretty streets, market, and shops
The entire trip was memorable, I particularly enjoyed Verdun, Charlon Sur Saone, and the river up to Louhans. Great biking, great food, great company, great times.
W has plenty of time to stop at all the towns and villages, bicycle, eat, and drink. With the relatively small number of locks and excellent moorings available it is a great trip.
Very enjoyable experience. Had a case of cremont delivered to the boat! Bike riding and cremont tasting. Dancing and singing as we cruised along indealic canals. Having drinks with other boaters in a marina.
Rode bikes and cremont tasted. Went to a 3 star Michelin restaurant for lunch.