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The Best of Camargue Long Break

Camargue, France

Return Trip: Beaucaire, via Agde

Allow 10 to 14 nights

Wildlife and solitude, historic cities, beach resorts, warm breezes and sunshine — a magical holiday combination!

based on 3 reviews
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Reviews for the The Best of Camargue Long Break

Fine weather and sunshine for a week. Cruising at leisure, stop where you like for as long as you like. Experiencing the country way of life, food and drink.
Walk on the city wall at Aiges Mortes, enjoy the beaches at Palavas Les Flots and Carnon and enjoy the beautiful towns of Beaucaire and Tarascon. We saw a lot of white horses and swarms of flamingos. We planned our stop-overs in such a way that we never moored at the same place during our return journey. Recommendation: No need to spend time preparing meals-it is sufficiently affordable to wine and dine with the locals and maximise your experience of the region.
Aigue-Mortes was beautiful and we returned there on our return trip. There was also a wonderful, regal, dog guarding a herd of sheep and goats along the canal.....You only see things like that on the canals. Unfortunately, the weather was not good part of the way so it interfered with us completing our cruise.