10 Must-See Cities to Visit on a River Cruise in Germany

Interested in discovering the cities along Germany's rivers? From major cities to historic towns, Germany offers plenty of variety for your river cruise.


Germany has some of the most picturesque towns amidst their winding waterways. A holiday along the Brandenburg and Mecklenburg Rivers offers visitors a look into the more tranquil side of the country. Glide alongside Germany’s beautiful forested terrains, oldest towns, historical sites and its natural hidden gems.



  1. Potsdam
  2. Berlin
  3. Spandau
  4. Bad Sarrow
  5. Templin
  6. Rheinsberg
  7. Neustrelitz
  8. Waren
  9. Malchow
  10. Plau am See




Potsdam is Brandenburg’s largest city and is rich in history with plenty of sights to see. One of its main attractions is the beautiful Sanssouci Palace, built by Frederick the Great as his summer getaway from Berlin. This beautiful palace boasts terraced vineyards that surround the entrance. The castle rivals that of Versailles and is built in the classical Rococo and Baroque style. You can also explore the town’s Old market Square and view some of the great art collections in the Barberini Museum.


Other notable attractions is the Bridge of Spies used during the Cold War, the original Brandenburg Gate and the Einstein Tower!





What is a visit to Germany without a stop in its capital city of Berlin! Known for its bustling arts and culture scene, Berlin is a city that thrives off creativity and will never leave you bored. Top attractions include the Reichstag, the Brandenburg gate at the iconic Pariser Platz and the stunning Gerdarmenmarkt where you can admire the fantastic architecture and do some shopping. There is a lot to do in Berlin to suit all types of travellers.




Not much happening in this town, other than the famous WWI machine gun that’s named after it. It is also home to the famous prison that housed Nazi criminals. Spandau might have a dark history, but this little satellite city of Berlin boasts some beautiful scenery along the canal. Spandau is known for its rich woodlands forest and pristine lakes.


Spandau offers a nice break to explore on foot or bike in the forest and town.



Bad Sarrow 


Located upon the scenic Scharmutzel Lake, this natural hot spring and resort is popular with the locals. A hidden gem, locals have been coming here since the 19th century for its fresh air and healing hot spring waters. As the hot springs became popular, the town expanded into building a state of the art health care destination. The beautiful untouched landscape offers plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and water based activities on the lakes and in the nature reserve.


The warm thermal springs of between 34 to 36 degrees Celsius is a must-do for those visiting looking to replenish your mind and body!





This little town off the main canal route boasts another relaxation getaway for locals. Not as big as Bad Sarrow, locals flock to Templin for their many spa therapies on offer from brine baths, thermal spa, saunas and mare’s milk baths. The many spas also offer a variety of skin treatments and massages. There are plenty of bike trails, nature parks and a waterfall grotto you can swim in!




The Rheinsberg is a town surrounded by beautiful lakes amidst lush meadows. Rheinsberg  boasts a beautiful Rococo-styled Castle bought by King Friederich Wilhelm I for his son. The king’s son was a keen patron of the arts and turned this sleepy little farming town into a vibrant cultural centre. The palace houses a wonderful collection of the Prince’s personal art collections. Rheinsberg is scenic, idyllic and offers amazing views of an authentic German countryside.


During the summer you can attend one of the many classical concerts and operas in the evenings.






Neustrelitz is one of the first towns in the Mecklenburg region. Like many of the other surrounding towns, Neustrelitz offers great scenery and fantastic biking trails. Its main attraction is the Serrahn Hills Forest, which is now a UNESCO site. Serrahn Hills is one of four remaining semi-bheech forests in Germany.





Waren is home to the largest inland lake in Germany and also boasts plenty of outdoor activities and is rich in natural history. The Muritz Lake is a favourite with locals who love sailing and boating on its tranquil waters. There are plenty of maritime festivals and events during the Spring and Summer months, and the area is rich with wildlife from freshwater fish and birds. Waren is a fantastic getaway spot and it has a nature reserve complete with bicycle and walking trails. Explore further and you might spot the elusive European bison which is native to the area!





Malchow is a charming town located on an island along the canal in the Mecklenburg region. Malchow has a very rustic and relaxed vibe and you will undoubtedly enjoy this friendly laid back town. The town is made up of three parts: the historic town, the monastery and the modern town (on the island). Malchow has over 900 years of history and was founded by the Christian monasteries that settled in this scenic area. Popular attractions include the organ factory and four historic museums.



Plau am See


Plau am See like most towns in the area also has plenty of well-preserved nature reserves for visitors to enjoy some of Germany’s pristine natural heritage. Plau am See has a technology museum displaying various early industrial machinery and a medieval castle tower. You can also try their fantastic variety of restaurants in the town and even join a live cooking show from one of the local chefs!

Children will delight in the Bear Forest which conserves some of Germany’s endangered bear species and a visit to Baba Yaga’s house!


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Images provded by Daneille Berloth, Jurgen Klier and Shutterstock