Why is Spring the best time to travel to Europe?

We give you 6 wonderful reason to visit Europe during the spring!

 Spring is one of Europe’s most beautiful seasons. The world starts coming alive and a deep sense of joviality is abundant in the air as people anticipate the warmer months. While children finish up their school year, adults look forward to wrapping up their business year and plan their vacation for August. As a visitor, you can experience Europe at a slower more leisurely pace and enjoy all the main attractions without the heat and overcrowding summer brings. Let’s take a look at the 6 reasons why you should opt to travel in the season of beautiful blooms.

1.       Everything’s cheaper


2.       It’s less crowded


3.       Beautiful blooms


4.       Better service


5.       Better weather


6.       Lots of spring festivals


1. Everything’s cheaper 

During peak season prices for accommodation and access to attractions increase for tourists. During spring, most countries offer a variety of specials on shopping, flights and accommodation options.





For South Africans, travelling to Europe is an arduous flight that is not under 10 hours and usually involves an uncomfortable layover. In this case, you will arrive tired and during this time you are sure to find fantastic discounted accommodation options to ensure an easy stay.


2. It’s less crowded


This is one benefit not to be underrated. Popular European destinations, especially the cities, can be so overwhelmed with tourists that most locals leave during this time. In the end you are faced with other tired and frustrated travellers in the summer. You will also have to endure long queues to attractions and be more wary of your belongings to avoid being pick-pocketed!




During spring you get to experience Europe with all the locals in town. Your chances of meeting and sharing experiences with locals also makes for more memorable experiences. You’ll will also most likely get to see parts of the cities/towns that are totally off the map!


3. Beautiful Blooms


Spring season brings in a world of colour through its beautiful blooms. From city parks to the countryside, Mother Nature is at her best during the early spring. You will undoubtedly find the pink cherry blossoms lining the streets of Paris around Notre Dame and the Eiffel tower. While the fresh flower carpets line the canals in Germany and Belgium.



Holland’s world famous Keukenhof Tulip festival is a must on any travellers’ bucket list and is simply breath-taking! Everyone from nature lovers to designers will delight in the array of colours and flowers which are nothing short of inspirational.


     4. Better Service

During the off peak seasons, places of business are under less pressure in dealing with large volumes of people. This means you can receive more attention and get even better insight into attractions and information for exploring. Problems and emergencies are also dealt with faster!


5. Better Weather

Beat the heat during spring! The weather is warmer and balanced out by fresh winds making it ideal for a relaxing cruise. Spring is a fantastic time to explore the cities and countryside. You will also encounter a better mood during spring, as more locals start enjoying the outdoors and are just happier after a long cold winter. It’s almost magical!



6. Lots of Spring Festivals


Traditionally, spring time in Europe has always a time for re-awakening and celebration. Age-old traditions within the various countries continue to honour this time with an array of interesting festivals!



This means you can get insight into the ancient customs and cultures of old and modern Europe. Festivals are also great for kids, meaning the whole family can enjoy. Check your calendar for what’s happening during this time in your destination.


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