Best Traditional Dutch Food To Try

The Best Dutch Food to Try in the Netherlands

Holland has a variety of dishes that extend beyond its famous array of cheeses. The Northern regions and Southern regions having their own distinct dialects, history and culture. This has resulted in unique food offerings from this once thriving maritime nation. Fresh farmlands, winding water canals and many trading ports have given rise to some wonderful Dutch foods you must try on your visit to the country.


A dish made famous in the Northern Friesland region, it comprises of cooked beef, lots of onions and a rich gravy.

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Fryske Dumkes

A Friesland spicy biscuit made from ginger, hazelnuts, aniseed and cinnamon. The biscuits’ name literally translate ‘Friesland Thumbs’ as the shape and size of the biscuit is the same as that of a child’s thumb and it’s a favourite treat during the winter time.

fryske dumkes


Little biscuits made from nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and pepper. Traditionally served during the Christmas period, but was originally created for weddings and thrown at newlyweds instead of rice. These biscuit harden over days as they are exposed to the air. They are great with a cup of a coffee.



A popular winter dish with the Dutch, it is simply made of mixed mashed sweet potato and carrots. It’s usually served with the slices of beef.

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Probably Holland’s most famous food, these deep fried balls can contain a variety of foods inside them. Bitterballen is a very simple concept comprising of deep fried bread crumbs with chicken, beef, cheese or vegetables inside them.


Texel Lamb

These Dutch lambs are knowns for their soft meats that has a natural salty herb note to it. These sheep are farmed in the North and feed off the rich grass that’s fed from the waterways that spill in from the cold Wadden Sea.

texel lamb


These fish call the Northern seas home and the Dutch have found an array of ways to prepare this it. This fish is practically a staple to many Dutch dishes and is excellent is prepared just right.

dutch cod

Zeeland Mussels

These mussels are large in size and live in the cold icy waters of the North. They are best served semi-steamed with a white wine and bread. A favourite dish during the summer time!


During the summer you will see many locals eating smoked or raw herring. The herring season is between May and July, and they are dried out, salted and sold sometimes fresh off the harbour boats. A true taste of the Northern Sea!

dutch herring


You cannot visit Holland without tasting its world famous Gouda. There are actually a variety of gouda cheese to try and while some are good on that toastie, others are great with a good wine. The recipe still remains a secret in Holland and you can be assured to find the very best of this cheese when in the country.


Are you ready for an authentic Dutch culinary experience?