Discover the best of french food and wine in Burgundy

The Franche-Compte comprises of four regions: The Cote d'Or, Saone et Loire, Yonne and Nievre which are home to beautiful World Heritage Sites and the world’s most exclusive French wines. The Franche-Comte is the perfect destination for the food and wine lover of note! With multiple towns and villages calling home to some of the world’s finest appellations of red and white wines. The cuisine in Burgundy is classically French and foodies will delight in the offerings and unique dishes found in the region. The area’s rich history also make it an amazing destination to explore with a mix of Roman, Frankish and Germanic cultures that clashed in the region that left behind beautiful abbeys, architecture and towns.


  1. Dijon
  2. Beaune
  3. The Haute Saone Region
  4. Dole
  5. Chalon-sur-Saone




Food and wine lovers will delight in the city of Dijon. This city is home to some of the world’s most famous wines, food and major food events of the year. Dijon also owns the world-famous Dijon mustard that is made out of a special grape that grows in the nearby vineyards and the product has become synonymous with the city. Dijon was once the capital city of Burgundy and was home to the famous Duke of Burgundy. This is clearly shown in its wealthy of beautiful architecture and many museums. Dijon is a city known for its excellent cuisine and producing Burgundy’s finest dishes, with world famous wine farms just a few kilometres outside the city. Take a walk through the Arabic Botanical Gardens, visit the many museums, sample some of the finest cuisine and stock up on some of the best specialised wines in the world.


dijon burgundy france



Beaune is the ultimate stop for the wine lover of note! Most of the grand cru- wine farms lie in the region and the town is located on this famous wine route in the South of France. Visitors can enjoy a different wine farm every day of their stay, as this town’s speciality is wine making and production. It is also the second most famous spot besides Bordeaux for wine production. Besides being the Capital of Burgundy Wines, it has a rich history with Roman and pre-Roman settlements calling this area home long before its vine-growing days. Beaune still remains a walled city and its architectural splendour from the Renaissance and medieval periods remain a marvel to all visitors walk its streets.


beaune burgundy france


The Haute Saone Region

The Haute Saone Region has three wonderful countryside villages to visit. The fresh waters in this region are also good for swimming and fishing. Each of the cities have wonderful sites to explore such as the Cluny Abbey, the Temple of Janus and the Church of St. Vincent. There are some wonderful markets on Fridays and Sundays where you can buy the finest local produce.


the haute saone region burgundy france



Dole is another beautiful gem to explore along the Rhone canal and its beautiful mixture of renaissance and Roman architecture will offer a delight of photo opportunities to take you back in time. Located next to France’s largest natural forest area the Foret de Chaux, visitors can enjoy some relaxing time in the French countryside surrounded by fresh air and natural beauty. The town’s top delicacy includes honey and its famous Pain d’epices bread paired with superb sides. Top places to visit is the Musee des Beaux-Arts, the home of Louis Pasteur the scientist, the Chaux Forest with its many hiking trails and the marvellous Osselle Caves. There ae also plenty of places to enjoy a variety of water activities on the river’s clean waters and a Water Park for the kids!


dole burgundy france



Chalon sue Saone lies in the South of the Burgundy-Comte region and is another destination for the wine and food lover! The area lies surrounded by clean water, sprawling vineyards and beautiful countryside. Points of interest include the Cote Chalonnaise wine region which also lies on Burgundy’s Grands Vins route. The wine region here has also become a UNESCO World Heritage site and visitors can enjoy up to 44 different wine tasting farms within this region all specialising in robust reds and exotic whites. Foodies will delight in the town’s excellent escargot, signature Bresse chicken and Charolaise Beef. Don’t forget to try their Maconnais goat’s cheese which is produced only during the summer season. You can enjoy the beauty of this classic town by enjoying walks along the city paths, vineyards and forests. The whole family can refresh themselves at the Espace Nautique water park with its indoor and outdoor pools with waves.


chalon sur saone burgundy france

Are you ready to enjoy the delights of the bountiful Franche Comte region of French Burgundy?