5 Towns Worth Visiting South of the River Thames

5 Towns Worth Visiting South of the River Thames

The River Thames is England’s window into the past. On the South-Western side, the Thames has played an instrumental part in protecting Britain’s Kingdom with numerous forts and castles having being built along the river banks. Today visitors can get a glimpse into the stories and life of medieval England along the Thames with something special to offer travellers of all ages. Let’s take a look at some of the top spots to visit along the South of the River Thames today.


  1. Chertsey
  2. Windsor
  3. Cookham and Cliveden House
  4. Reading
  5. Beale Park
  6. Wallingford


1.    Chertsey

Chertsey was a medieval town located just South West of London city. Chertsey was a market town and home to the an Abbey founded in the late 600 AD. When the Romans had settled in the area the town provided important accesses to and from London via its bridges.

The popular Thorpe Park lies a few kilometres from the town. Thorpe Park is one of four of England’s amusement and entertainment venues and will offer something fun for all!




2.     Windsor

Windsor is an absolute must-see when visiting England. This town is also the largest and longest occupied home of the British Royal family, therefore making it rich with history and culture.

Windsor was first established by King William in the 2nd century, who used Windsor’s strategic position outside of London to build a fort. The fort was built into a motte and baily castle then re-designed into a residence of the kings with lavish apartments deigned in the distinct Georgian architectural style. Windsor has more than just a castle to visit. The Windsor parks offer plenty of walking trails, natural woods with roaming deer, gardens and a lake. There are many other Royal homes to visit as well as the town of Eton which lies across the Thames. Children will delight at the Windsor Lego Land theme park located nearby.




3.    Cookham and Cliveden House

Cookham and Cliveden are quiet towns and mainly comprise of upmarket private residences. The main attractions of these adjacent lying towns along the Thames are their historical Manor Houses. Many royals and figures from the court took up residence along the tranquil river and went on to build beautiful estates and homes. Cliveden House is open to visitors who would enjoy discovering the classic décor and daily life of Britain’s classic periods. Cliveden House and Cookham offer modern day visitors a fantastic look into Britain’s wealthy past in the countryside.


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4.     Reading

Reading is a large town that mainly comprises of businesses and corporate head offices, however this town has plenty of history and sights to offer. The area was first inhabited during the Roman occupation era. The town only flourished during the Industrial era as many manufacturing industries opened up such as iron works, brewing, flower products and biscuits.
Notable sights include the Reading Abbey Ruins, Forbury Garden and The Blade which offer amazing views of the town. Visitors will delight in the variety of restaurants and pubs along its enchanting streets.



5.     Beale Park

Beale Park is a beautiful nature conservation park that lies over 350 acres of land along the Thames. The land was owned by Gilbert Beale who wanted to share his love for nature and owned over 300 peacocks. This passion was carried through by his family who runs the estate today.

Beale Park is located amidst lush meadows, open grounds with ponds and offers interactive learning and activities on nature. There are also fun activities such as swimming, train rides for children and a deer park.


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Wallingford is another winning stop for history lovers. This charming and tranquil town is wonderful for exploring the British countryside along the Thames. Wallingford was once home to the strongest and most important castle as its fortified walls helped protect the kingdom against invaders from Vikings and royal sieges.

Visitors can enjoy long walks in Wallingford’s sprawling meadows, visit the castle ruins, gardens and visit the old railway museum. Literature buffs can also enjoy the Agatha Christie trail (as she used to live here), visit the Wallingford Museum, explore the town and let the kids play at the Riverside Splash Park.




Interested in a royal cruise along the Thames? This is an experience to be enjoyed by the whole family and all travellers.