Rideau Canal: Plan Your Visit

We suggest 5 stops to see along the Rideau Canal in Canada

The Rideau Canal was completed in 1832 after many years of hard work and determination. The idea of the canal was to create a safe and easy trading route to Northern Canada. Rideau is a French word for curtain, and was named after the beautiful Twin Falls that looked like curtains alongside the river. The canal itself is an engineering feat, especially given that it was built by hand. The canal has served as an essential transport link and is now a UNESCO Heritage Site. Let’s take a look at the top 5 stops to visit while cruising on this magnificent canal.


  1. Smiths Falls
  2. Perth
  3. Murphy's Point Provincial Park
  4. Westport
  5. Ottowa


Smiths Falls

Smiths Falls is a relaxing getaway town that can easily be explored in one day. Not much has changed in this town over time and therefore offers a real countryside experience. Visitors can explore the Railway Museum, Heritage House Museum and enjoy some Canadian countryside cuisine in this picturesque town.

smiths falls




Perth is an idyllic small town on the Rideau and has plenty of outdoor activities to do for the whole family. The town’s fantastic cycling routes allow you to ride through the neighbourhoods and town square while enjoying the natural beauty. Perth is an excellent stop for foodies who would like to sample the many restaurants that line the town streets all offering authentic home-made Canadian dishes. The breweries in the town are known to offer some exceptional home grown drafts to quench your thirst!

perth canada


Murphy's Point Provincial Park

Murphy’s Point Provincial Park offers plenty of fantastic outdoor activities for the whole family to enjoy. Visitors can camp out, dock their boats and enjoy the pristine nature during winter and summer.

Located on 1,239 hectares of land, Murphy’s Point offers biking, birding, boating, canoeing, fishing, hiking and swimming. The area comprises of 3 big lakes and is home to some natural wildlife such as deer, various bird species, wild rodents and black bears. It’s a great way to experience some of the Canadian great outdoors.

murphys point



Westport is a small town that is popular with anglers. The lake area has now become a fish rearing area and you can find species such as yellow perch, bass, pickerel and pike. The area’s natural beauty also makes it popular with holidaymakers during the warmer seasons.

west port




Ottawa is the capital and fourth largest city in Canada. Ottawa has plenty to do and explore for the whole family. Ottawa is unique in that it combines the fast paced fun of a city, while you are able to enjoy nature just a few kilometres away. Plenty of indoor and outdoor festivals are held in Ottawa throughout the year that celebrates the city’s proud cultural and natural heritage. Visitors will delight in the many restaurants, museums, entertainment options and cosmopolitan vibe.



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